Want to know more about I-Roof?

I-roof owes a crucial demand for fine quality roofing products in a swiftly paced construction industry across India. Metal roofing industry is one of the fastest emerging categories in India. This industry has largely switched to new age building structure solutions like steel and iron. Borrowing the best in technology from progressive countries across the world, I-roof presents variants with world class features. We are strictly prohibited the chinese roofing product. We deliver quality prducts of famous Indian and International companies.

I-Roof Metal Roofing System exceeds the expectation of traditional roofing materials and offers nice visual appeal which is indistinguishable from conventional roofing system. Our company is specialized in profiling of high performance and long lasting Aluminium and steel roofing systems.

I-Roof profiles are designed to reflect the styles of traditional, classic or modern buildings. The profiles are used for wide variety of applications such as home, offices, factories, waiting and leisure facilities etc.. Wether it is a new building or a renovated one. I-Roof Profiles are formed with industry 's best available metal coils and raw materials. High care and passion are involved in every stages of the process right from material selection to delivery of products.

We have stocks of all major brands of Sheets. We are able to offer the best deals. we have been in this business for a long time and we have been catering to the customers all Kerala as well as South India. We can supply all the major brands for your building needs.

Expert team

We present end-to-end solutions in roofing systems – from providing a complete range of advanced roofing materials to the design and installation of roofing solutions for industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals work closely with each customer, understanding requirements and providing highly creative and customized solutions that suit each individual need. We focus on high calibre workmanship, attention to detail and fast turnaround time on each of our projects.


Efficiency is our motto. We guarantee that our end-to-end roofing solutions – from understanding your requirements to designing the structure to providing the best and most suitable material to installation – will all be executed within a time frame of 3 to 15 days.